Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption App Reviews

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Love the game, been playing for a long time and I did get bored so i reset recently, its such a fun game, so much for the 2014 content update.

Gioco bellissimo ma...

Sviluppatori poco seri, aspettavo un aggiornamento che sarebbe dovuto arrivare 2 anni fa... Peccato perché il gioco merita davvero tanto We are still waiting the major update that three years ago you say it will be out someday in 2014...


Omg I love this game so much I usually dont write reviews on games I like but this one earns it its so addicting and especially its good for road trips....Its addicting but its not like in a bad way where you stay up till like one in the morning said good you could play for an hour and your eyes would feel you dumped a bunch of sand in them but anyways I love love love love it


Problem starting the game loading screen never changes

great game

great game but it wont open anymore


The game doesnt get past the initial load screen for me. Feeling like I wasted $3.00.




Great game worth the money.

A Waste Of $2.99

I looked over the game screen shots and it looked pretty cool and I was excited to play it. I tried to launch the app and I sat on the loading screen for 5 minutes... I deleted the application and re-downloaded it and the app still didnt pass the download screen. I gave it an extra star because I still want to play it


It has loaded once and whenever I try and play the game, it just stays on the loading screen forever. But boy was that one time it loaded great.

Would give it 5 stars but......

I know I would love this game cause I played radical fishing but i cant get past the loading screen such a HUGE BUMMER

2014 came and went

Its been over 3 years since this app was updated. Pretty hefty cost for a game you can beat in a day

Doesnt work.

I just bought this game recently and when you start up the game you never get passed the loading screen. Im sure its a great game but I cant just play it.


Great game game but

I love this gamw but it is too easy to beat. I beat it in 3 days. I wish there was more stuff to do.

A Great Game, Spelunky Reference near end.

This game is addicting, phenomenal, all that stuff, you probably know that from all the reviews you read. The game hides a reference near the very end though... An eye? A hedjet? A scepter? An ankh? Three strange quotes? ...cue bats? Taking these relics, turning them into fish, then making the descriptions spelunky references. Its amazing. I especially love how its done: get the eye, then the ankh, then the scepter, only if you have the hedjet. Just like spelunky.

Awesome but major glitch

So i love this game its so awesome but for some reason after a while my game will crash and when i try to reload the game it stays on the loading screen. So I uninstalled it and tried again and got to play for some time until it crashed again and the same thing happened... Loading screen. Please fix

Best Game For IOS

Worth the 3$

Awesome game

I finally get to shoot fish in a good game plus it pixels witch Im glad about

Game with atmosphere

Will stick with you a long time after beating it.

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